Sea front Land in Petalidi fo sale Messinia Peloponnese (REF208)

€1,000,000.00 seaside plot in Petalidi


For sale seafront land in Petalidi, Messinia, 1 000 000 €

It is a remarkable property 3 km outside Petalidi, which operated as a CAMPING business under the name ZERVAS BEACH during the period 1977-1992 and 1997-1998. It is located at “Ansechalos” or “Corner” in the region of Petalidi, Messinia. The total area of ​​the property is 21,480 m2 with two separate purchase contracts of two consecutive land. The one section East – Southeast with a face 40,00 m above sea level, total area 17,000 m2 and the other part West – Northwest, face to a designated community bypass of the main provincial road Rizomilos – Petalidi,  main entrance  face 21 , 00 μ and a total area of ​​4.480 μ2.

The two sections have an altitude difference of 7-8 m smoothly changing from the west to the east. The eastern part where its facilities are developed is completely flat and has been shaped in the past for the needs of CAMPING with gorget soil.